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Finite-fault slip model for the 4/4/2010 Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake created from 3-D coseismic vectors


The GPS Explorer data portal provides tools to access and explore GPS data, positions, time series, velocities, and strain from continuous GPS stations covering Western North America and around the globe. These data products are generated as part of a NASA MEaSUREs project (see background below), and are updated weekly.

GPS Explorer contains interactive utilities for selecting sites, displaying time series, and mapping velocities. Products such as velocities can be viewed at user-specified scales, with complementary data sets such as recent seismic activity. Options for map layers (e.g., terrain/satellite base layers, toggling fault lines) are also available.

Getting Started

Please log in or create an account via the "Login" window to the right. An account enables user settings such as map state, site groups, and modeling jobs to be saved for subsequent visits.

About GPS Explorer Data Products

SOPAC GLOBK and JPL GIPSY data are combined to create the MEaSUREs combination using the JPL analyze_tserist_filter software package. Products are available via individual applications under the "Data Products" tab once logged in, or from the lists below. Official products are listed in the ESDR table below. Products are produced in the ITRF2014 reference frame.

  • Time Series:   tar files are available for the MEaSUREs combination, SOPAC GLOBK and JPL GIPSY sources. These include timeseries for western North America stations regionally filtered using the JPL analyze_tseri package.
  • Velocities (ATS software) (GMT software format, e.g. lon, lat, n, e, n_sig, e_sig, [corr-currently unused], site, u, u_sig):

Data Product Table

Solid Earth Science ESDR System - Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document

Project Background

This project is funded through the NASA MEaSUREs program. Building on NASA's investment in the measurement of crustal deformation from continuous GPS (CGPS) networks, GPS Explorer is part of our Science Data System (SDS) to provide mature, long-term Earth Science Data Records (ESDRs) that support NASA's Earth Surface and Interiors (ESI) focus area.

GPS Explorer represents the web interface of the project's cyberinfrastructure. We have built upon open GIS standards, particularly those of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), and have used the principles of Web Service-based Service Oriented Architectures to provide scalability and extensibility for new services and capabilities.

If your use of these data products results in a publication, please cite "Bock, Y. and F.H. Webb 2012. MEaSUREs Solid Earth Science ESDR System. La Jolla, California and Pasadena, California USA: [list archive from which data were obtained], [list dates of data used]. Digital media." and notify us of your publication.

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